We offer assistant services and consultations regarding the use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency to companies, financial subjects, public institutions and also to non-commercial sector from Slovakia and from abroad.

Selection from last years’ publications:

  • Energy audit of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic’s building. This audit represent a good investment of Slovak tax payers. Based on it the building is undergoing measures that ensure energy efficiency.
  • Energy audits of industrial companies’ buildings: OSPRA INVEST, s.r.o., LEONI Slowakia, s.r.o., Zlieváreň Trnava, s.r.o., HSG Zander Slovakia, s.r.o.
  • Energy audits of buildings managed by the city of Malacky.
  • Producing of the Energy conception in the Veľký Krtíš region. This conception was created as a part of the E4C project.
  • Biogas stations feasibility studies. For different clients from abroad we have prepared feasibility studies of biogas stations building in Slovakia (e.g. CMC, s.r.o. – Evaluation of the investment plan for the building of a Biogas station on a dairy cattle farm in Detva).
  • Tens of public lighting energy audits and preparations of applications for irretrievable funding (structural funds and Norwegian Financial Mechanism) for projects of public lighting reconstruction in Slovak villages, which have been prepared by the employees of the specialized CEVO department.
  • Preparation of application forms for irretrievable grant funding from structural and other funds – eurofunds: General directing office of Slovak Prison and Court Guard “Restoration of heat economy of the Institute for remand in Leopoldov via the change of fuel base”, “Restoration of heat economy of the Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Centre Omšenie”, “Installing of solar collectors ÚVTOS Banská Bystrica – Kráľová”, Installing of solar collectors ÚVTOS Košice – Šaca”.
  • Technical-economical evaluation of projects and other:
    JSE, s.r.o. –  survey and energy audit for the building project of a photovoltaic plant in Jelšava;
    ELTEC a.s. – survey for the building project of photovoltaic plants in Jelenie Jamy, Nová Lehota and in Piešťany; ASFALT Energy, s.r.o. – survey of the investment plan for building of the photovoltaic plant in Kožuchov.
  • Market analyses:
    GontourGlobal Solutions Holding Limited – preparation of the feasibility study for building of a cogeneration unit
    WINDKRAFT SIMONSFELD AG – study “Basic conditions of building of photovoltaic plants in Slovakia”
    TPA Horwath A&A, s.r.o. – data collection in Slovakia and Czech republic for the electricity market analysys.
  • Other works: the owners of apartments and non-residental space on Osuského 2,4,6 – calculation of the coefficients taking into account the unfavourable location of rooms in the apartment building.
  • Education and independent evaluations:
    * MSc Program “Renewable Energy in Central and Eastern Europe” – international postgradual study: in cooperation with TU Wien, West Hungarian University Mosonmagyaróvár and Energie park Bruck/Leitha we have been preparing study blocks focused on Slovak energetics for more than 8 years,
    * Independent evaluation of project applications for the Ekopolis Foundation within the evaluation of support allocation via the Živá energia fund,
    * Siemens, s.r.o. – Roadshow EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) in eight Slovak cities,
    * LCE – Low cost expo, a.s. – securing of yearly client zone within the exhibition event DOM EXPO in Nitra,
    *We have produced for the European Investment Bank, in cooperation with the civil society organization Obviam regio, an evaluation study of success of implementing the tools of “JESSICA” (EU inovative financial mechanism focused on the restoration of towns and their parts) in Slovakia, including the demand analysis of its financial products and impact of the utilization of the mentioned support mechanism in the area of  housing fund and public buildings restoration in Slovakia.