Recent projects

Opens external link in new windowProcA – Green Public Procurement in Action.  The project aims at implementing the targets on energy efficient and green public procurement (GPP) as defined in many Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP). ProcA promotes the incorporation of GPP in SEAPs and supports to accelerate the implementation of SEAPs by increasing the efficiency of purchasing organizations. Project within the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme.

Opens external link in new windowSustainable Mobility in the city of Bratislava - Project in cooperation with Slovak Ministry of Environment and financed by UNDP/GEF. The long term objective of this project is to support the market transformation for effective transportation in Bratislava urban areas. The effort should lead to reduction of green house gas emissions in the city and to improvement of the traffic situation in Bratislava from the citizens’ point of view. The project operates on four strategies: the new parking strategy, prioritization of trams at intersections, promotion of bicycle and other non-motorized transport utilization, promotion of innovative models like car sharing and car pooling. The planned date of project implementation is the first half of 2014. Realized in tight cooperation with the Municipality of Bratislava, Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, Parking Asociation, etc.

Opens external link in new windowVIBRATe - VIedeň BRATislava e-mobility represents a pilot two-year project supporting electromobility in central Europe. The cooperation of Austrian and Slovak companies will bring a network of standardized charging posts into the Twin City region of Bratislava – Vienna and also help the promotion of electromobiles usage. The project is financed from the Cooperation programme Slovakia – Austria 2007 – 2013.

Opens internal link in current windowPreparation of Law about Energy Efficiency of buildings in Moldova  -  Assistant services as a part of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s program for technical assistance. The aim of this project is to offer assistance to local institutions in charge of the creation of legislation with the praparation of the regulation framework in the area of buildings and with the implementation of the evaluation of energy efficiency of buildings in accordance with European directive about energy efficiency of buildings 2002/91/ES. Other goal is to increase the level of expertise of local bodies and experts active in the area of buildings.

Opens external link in new windowCEVO - Centre for public lighting The main aim is to remove barriers to the reconstruction of public lighting in Slovakia. Since its establishing in 2005 the department has significantly hepled to improve the situation of public lighting in Slovak cities and villages. We have provided hundreds of consultations regarding public lighting, authored hundreds of energy audits, technical-economical studies of public lighting reconstructions and grant funding appplications, and organized lectures and workshops. We have also implemented several reconstructions of public lighting. Thanks to these activities  energy savings (up to 2800MWh) and therefore also savings of public funds were achieved.

Opens external link in new window EurObserver Barometer- We associate with statistical monitoring and evaluating of renewable energy sources data. The data is evaluated by European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) annually. We have been providing specific statistical data about renewable energy sources usage for some years.


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