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We would like to invite you to the 10th edition of the international ENEF 2012 conference focused on sustainable use of energy resources and energy at national and regional level.

Basic Information

Annual Volume: 10th
Term of the Conference: October 16th – 18th, 2012

Title of the event:

„Sustainable Use of Natural Energy Sources on National and Regional Level“

Conference Venue: Hotel LUX Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

The jubilee tenth edition of “enef” International Conference is writing the twenty year´s history of the interesting and among energy professionals very popular event.
Search options of a better and more efficient energy use is the way to sustainable development of society.
Let us use together space, that the 10th jubilee International Conference “enef” creates.

Conference Topics:

•  National and Regional Energy Policy
•  Energy Efficiency and Energy Services
•  As Further in the Use of Solar Energy
•  Biomass Production and its Efficient Use
•  Energy Sources and Facilities from the Viewpoint of Environmental Protection
•  Biofuels as an Alternative for Municipal Energy Sector
•  Energy Intensity Reduction

Part of the Conference program will be National seminar „Project NET-COM, the National Platform for the Covenant of Mayors – 3×20 by 2020“.

Professional partners

Energy Producers, Suppliers and Consumers
Energy Managers and Entrepreneurs
Energy Service Companies
State Regional and Municipal Authorities
Owners and Administrators of Industrial, business and residential buildings
Non Governmental Organizations
Educational and Research Institutes