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Opens external link in new windowINREN - Intelligent use of renewable energy Project financed from the Cooperation programme Slovakia – Austria 2007 – 2013 focuses on supporting the effective use of renewable energy sources (mainly) in the region of city of Malacky on the Slovak border side and in the region of Rømerland Carnuntum on the Austrian border side. The project helps to achieve the EU’s and Slovakia’s commitments by 2020 by using the potential of renewable energy sources in the border region and promoting existing successful implementations. On the Austrian side the project team will try to optimize the energy production from renewable sources up to 100% of energy consumption in the region and this way the region will become energetically self-sufficient. On the Slovak side we carry out the pilot project in the city of Malacky.  A system of solar collectors was installed on the sports hall Malina to achieve the heating of pool water and other hall maintenance needs. We also prepare a database of in Slovakia implemented projects that use renewable energy sources. On our webpage, this atlas is updated regularly and will be published soon.


Opens external link in new windowEESI - European Energy Service Initiative Project focused on promoting energy services, namely Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) including measures that increase energy efficiency. We have continually worked  in this area of activity for more than 10 years. Energy services and EPC represent a progressive way to ensure investment in energy facilities with guaranteed outcome without the need of investment by the facility owner. Our task within this project is to transfer knowledge from countries with developed energy markets and it’s adaptation to Slovak conditions. We’ll create templates for documents that help facilitating this concept – tender documents, model contracts, procedures for monitoring and evaluating the savings. This project is financed by Intelligent Energy Europe program.

2009 – 2011

Opens internal link in current windowRFEEBE - Preparation of the regulation framework for energy efficiency of buildings in Moldova and Kyrgyzstan. In June of 2009 began a new project financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development called “Support of the creation of a new legislative framework for evaluation of energy efficiency of buildings” and taking place in two countries –Moldova and Kyrgyzstan. The aim of the project was to assist local law-creating institutions in both countries with creation of the regulation framework in the area of buildings, with the implementation of energy efficiency of buildings in accordance with European directive about energy efficiency of buildings 2002/91/ES and also to increase the level of expertise of local bodies and experts active in the area of buildings.

Opens internal link in current windowPALISOL - Promotion and application of solar systems in medical facilities The project aimed to promote the use of solar collectors in health care and social care buildings. During the summer of 2009 solar collectors were added to the Hospice of St. Francis of Assisi in Palárikovo. Part of the project was also issuing of the publication “Sun at service – the possibilities of solar energy usage” and establishment of a system for online monitoring and evaluation of supplied enegry. Outputs from the online web application are available at

Opens external link in new windowMinus 3 percent - Examples of Energy End Use Efficiency and Energy Services Directive Implementation The project focused  on bringing down the energy consumption in participating cities by 3% a year. The goal was to implement the Directive 2006/32/EC on energy efficiency and energy services on local level in model projects in six European cities and to achieve the set lowering of energy consumption. The Slovak participant was the city of Malacky. Infrared analyses and energy audits for 14 monitored buildings facilitated by the city of Malacky were prepared by ECB energy experts. The project was financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme.

Opens external link in new windowEubionet III - Solutions for biomass fuel market barriers and raw material availability Eubionet is an European network focused on bioenergy. It analyzes current and future trends on the market that features biomass as fuel and price analyses of these fuels. The goal of the project was to obtain an EU-wide overview of the market with as fuel used solid biomass, that means an overview about the quantities of available biomass, cross-border flows, prices, technologies of energetic usage of biomass, certification systems of sustainability and new perspective kinds of biomass. At the end of the project a brochure called “Unused sources of biomass, availability and its burning behaviour” has been issued and is still available on demand at our office or obtainable at one of our seminars. The project was financed by Intelligent Energy Europe Programme.

Opens external link in new windowExBESS - Expanding the benchmarking and Energy Management The project aimed to implement energy management and benchmarking into pilot small and medium-size industrial companies (e.g. bakeries, dairies, textile industry, etc.) as a tool to increase energy efficiency in their facilities. To support these pilot establishments “e-learning” has been designed. It includes instructions, such as how to devise energy management and energy policy for the company. A tool to determine the energy consumption, methodology for evaluating controls of energy consumption and a list of saving measures controls for chosen industrial branches have been created. Project was supported by Intelligent Energy Europe Programme.

Opens external link in new windowFIRE - Facilitation Innovation in Renewable Energies The EU allocated 2,35 billion EUR in the 7th framework programme for the support of research in the area of renewable energy sources. Project aimed to prepare small and medium-sized companies to participate in projects financed by the EU and to successfully use the allocated finances. The project was supported from the EC 6th framework programme.

Opens external link in new windowSETatWork  - Sustainable Energy Technology at Work: Thematic Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Technologies in the Carbon Markets The project focused on support and propagation of renewable sources usage technologies  and energy efficiency on markets in the EU, Asia and Russia and promoting of information about possible financing of investment activities by emissions trading. Project supported from the EC 7th framework programme.

Opens external link in new windowLEAN - Establishment of the Local Energy Agency in Nitra The Agency has been officially established on 29th May 2009 as an association of legal entities within a project supported by Intelligent Energy Europe. ECB is also a member of this association. We took part in the project preparation and the actual establishment of the agency in 2007/2008 in close cooperation with the city of Nitra. Consulting  services leading to increased energy efficiency and self-sufficiency, analytical and conceptual works or the initiation and preparation of energy projects on local level are the principal activities of the agency. One of the most significant tasks was to prepare an Action plan for the city of Nitra, which monitored energy consumption and also the amount of CO2 emissions.


ISEES - Improving the Social dialogue for Energy Efficient Social Housing The subject of this project was the analysis of energy consumers’ behaviour (households in blocks of flats connected to central heating systems). The research and measurements prooved, that the inhabitants of these households themselves influenced the costs for heating. Through detailed measurements in blocks of flats, data that serves both to the inhabitants and to heat suppliers, was obtained. You can download the Manual for households: Initiates file downloadužívateľská príručka pre domácnosti (*.pdf, 2,9 MB) or the Manual for heat suppliers:  Initiates file downloadpríručka pre dodávateľov tepla (*.pdf 0,9 MB). The project was financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme.

Opens external link in new windowINOFIN - Innovative and Tailored Financing Schemes for Social Housing Refurbishment in Enlarged Europe We searched for and evaluated different funding schemes for block of flats’ reconstruction. Project was financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme.

RESTMAC - EU Marketing Campain “Creating Markets for Renewable Energy Technologies” Extensive marketing focused on new members of the EU, accessing countries, islands in the Mediterranean Sea, China, Korea and Philippines. The goal was to remove the obstacles of wider renewable energy sources utilisation. Supported from EU’s 6th framework programme.

Opens external link in new windowEnergy for Cohesion (E4C) - District Veľký Krtíš and renewable energy sources utilization The goal of this project was regional energy planning which is one of the basic tools of sustainable development. We designed energy-effective measures and identified projects utilizing renewable energy sources. A complex regional energy conception was prepared as a part of the project. It represented a first of a kind document ever created in Slovak republic and it has inspired further preparation of similar documents in other regions of Slovakia (e.g.Nitra region, Košice region).

Opens external link in new windowMOVE - International Cluster for Mobility Management Development And Research Dissemination A regional agency for mobility management developent was established in Žilina, we also participated in the Mobility Week project and prepared an Action plan for transportation in Žilina. The project was financed form Intelligent Energy Europe programme.

BELIEF - Building in Europe Local Intelligent Energy Forums The project focused on giving support to towns and villages using or encouraging renewable energy sources and Energy Efficiency utilization. The establishment of associations of local, on the energy market figuring companies was supported. We prepared a methodology and identified the tools for the employment of sustainable strategy in towns and villages with focus on integration and urban planning. The project was financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme.

CEERES - Integration of renewable energy sources and co-generation in the new EU member states

ENFUGEN - Enlarging fuel cells and hydrogen research cooperation We monitored the situation in given field of interest in European countries, analyzed current situation, identified barriers and needs for successful research realization. Supported from 6th EU framework programme.

Opens internal link in current windowCF-SEP - Commercial Finance for Sustainable Energy Projects We searched for possibilities of financing renewable energy sources projects and energy efficiency projects. We prepared a manual consisting of an overview of funding sources and products supporting these projects, including conditions of funding for small and medium-sized companies. We provided educational activities for bank and financial workers regarding the specifics of investments into renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, also about current legislation.


SMART energy for Kikinda, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovak Aid programme, Ministry of foreign affairs of Slovak republic, NPOA, SK.

The goal of programme SMART energy for Kikinda is the development aid to reconstruction and modernization of local energy infrastructure. Project relates with development intentions of the UN Millenium programme.

Renewable energy for Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovak Aid programme, Ministry of foreign affairs of Slovak republic, UNDP.

The programme focuses on development aid to reconstruction and modernization of local energy infrastructure. Project relates with the intentions of the UN Millenium programme. We went through similar transformation of energy infrastructure in Slovakia, so our know-how and experiences provided a basis for improved cooperation in this field of interest.

Modernization of a heating plant in Žilina, ISPA, EK.

The aim of the project was to reach compliance with EK directives that focus on the quality of atmosphere, namely with directives 96/61/EK and 96/62/EK. The building of a desulfurizing unit helped to decrease air pollution in Žilina urban area – one of the most polluted regions in Slovakia. The heating plant in Žilina is the biggest heating plant using solid fuels and the reduction of its emissions means the improvement of atmosphere quality in the city and surrounding area.

Implementation support for small and medium-sized cogeneration units substituting core energy (KOMBINELT), EKOPOLIS SK.

This project focused on the analysis of the current state of small and medium-sized cogeneration units utilization in Slovakia, obstruction monitoring and searching for possibilities of their overcoming. One of the project’s activities was the designing of an Action plan regarding small and medium-sized cogeneration units usage for years 2004 – 2012, which influenced the preparation of energy related legislation in Slovakia.



Energy Efficient Industrial Kitchens – a path to sustainable production, SAVE II, EC

Energy Efficient Public Lighting (EnLight),  SAVE II, EC

Defining of sustainable communities characteristics, identification of success factors and conception propagation, 5th EC framework programme

Creation of International market for EE implementation and its funding by a third party in CEE countries, SAVE, EC

Energy labels for household appliances, SAVE II, EC This project provided  a device for the support of energy labeling legislation, which was set by four new EU member states (Czech republic, Hugary, Poland and Slovakia). Project focused on inciting retailers and their customers into the implementation process of energy labels for household appliances.

Introduction of Energy labels for existing buildings (PROMENLAB) SAVE, EC. On the EU level the energy consumption of third sector and households presents 41% of total energy consumption. The scope of buildings offers a lot of possibilities to better effectivity and lower emissions. This project presented a step to a directive about Energy Economy of buildings with the aim to test and introduce energy labels for buildings with area lower tham 1500m2.

Low-energy and low-cost social housing for new EU member states (Low Cost SOCial housing, LOCOSOC), SAVE, EC. Despite that the new EE standards are implemented in all EU states, low cost social housing was not introduced in new member states due to a lot of obstacles. Netherlands and Hungary have a lot of experience with this kind of accommodation.

The OPET building project, EC

Central heating source, cogeneration units OPET, OPET, EC

European prize for power engineering – EURENA. The aim of the project was the implementation and information campaign about the European award for energetics in whole Europe.

Energy effective public lighting – ENLIGHT. The aim of this project was to provide persons with impact on decision making with aplication tools and examples of good solutions of energy saving situations. Based on project outputs they can analyze, plan and implement saving solutions into public lighting. The members of international consortium of EnLight Project were energy agencies,  energy contractors and municipalities from Greece, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Italy.  Each partner identified a part of a town in which they monitored, evaluated, proposed and implemented the reconstruction of public lighting with help of the municipality.

Environmental education through implementation of energy savings programs at schools, ENEDIS, REC, HU. The project focused on overcoming of public disinterest. Disinterest represents a great obstacle in the improvement of the quality of environment and in providing energy efficiency in CEE and NIS countries. The main cause of this situation is the underestimation of environmental issues  and historically distorted energy prices.

Stimulation of regional market with pellets (REG-PELLETS), 2002,ALTENER, EC. To ensure that the economic potential of pellets  is correctly used, that quality is guaranteed and that economic competition respects environmental aspects, it is necessary for research, business and clients to cooperate. This cooperation will be possible only if the information assymetry and barriers are decreased. Cooperation between players on the European market exists but has to be strengthened.

Affordable alternative energy sources for disadvantaged communities in Hungary and Slovakia with special focus on Roma communities, UNDP/GEF

Renewable energy sources tariff policy proposal (ZELTAR)


Web portal is an independent web portal which has to do with consultations regarding building construction and energy saving.

Publication Let’s build and live with Filip – printed version of

National study of energy effectivity

Central heat supply customer satisfaction survey in CEE states after the heat source and distribution system reconstruction

Central heat supply in Slovakia: Project identification of the reconstruction of the central heat supply system and combined energy and heat production (CHP)


ECB became a full member of the OPET network on the 1st of January 2000 and widened its activities to include energy efficiency, utilisation of renewable energy sources and environmental perspectives. ECB also gained membership in the World Energy Council.

Biogas Seminar has shown possibilities and potential of biogas technologies in Slovak Republic.

Wood waste… what to do with it? evaluation of forestal waste potential in Slovakia and legislative conditions and available technologies.

Issuing of updated publication Energy sector in Slovakia

Overview of central heating systems in the countries of Central and East Europe


Organizing of the conference CTI/Industry joint seminar on technology diffusion in eastern Europe. 128 participants  from 30 countries attended this seminar.


Overview of the Slovak market of solar technologies

Energy from biogas manual

Publication Energy sector in Slovakia offered a complex overview of the energy sector in Slovakia, development trends and prognoses.

Solar energy manual

Profile of central heating sector in Slovakia