If we want the utilisation of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency to be part of our everyday lives we have to do more than only talk about them. We offer our expertise to persons interested in information and  also project preparation.

We can independently evaluate the potential of each solution under given conditions.

We are able to prepare apppliction letters for funding from EU that are complete in formal way and also in content.

We cooperate with government and public administration, with big energy companies, with banks but also with small and medium-sized businesses.

We are not limited by Slovak borders. Our projects have helped people in western Europe, Balkans and middle Asia.

ECB is a member of the Slovak Committee of World Energy Council, Energy managers’ association, an associated member of CITENERGO (an alliance of cities and towns for sustainable energetics), we cooperate with European Commission advisory bodies, such as ManagEnergy and Slovak government institutions, such as the Stable Intersectoral Commission for Preparation of Energy Efficiency Action Plans, we also participate on commenting on the new Slovak energy legislation.