Our team

In Energy Centre Bratislava we like to associate with fierce people. Every one of them specializes on one area within energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, information propagation and management, financing and economics and many more.

Ing. Marcel Lauko PhD. 


Graduated at the University of  Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of National Economy, where he since 1995 worked as an assistant professor at the Department of Finance and in 2004 completed his doctoral studies specialized on finance. In his academic career he focused on the issues of business finance and on the methods of evaluation of efectivity of public expenditure. He has started to work in ECB in 2006 as an investment consultant for CEVO, his work focused on counseling for municipalities. He has become the director of EBC on 17th November 2008. At present he specializes on project management of projects focused on inovative financial schemes of energy projects and  increasing of awareness in this area. As an ECB representative he is active in various advisory committees or other groups of interest and this way he participates on commenting on upcoming legislation.

Ing. Bronislava Švolíková, PhD.

Project manager, Head of ECB association

She has been employed by ECB since 2001 as a project manager. Since 2005 she is the chairman of the Assembly of members of the ECB association. She graduated at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology. She has experience in the area of preparation and management of energy projects focused on energy efficiency in buildings and industry, projects focused on decreasing of greenhouse gas emissions and funding of energy projects. In the last three years she has acted as a coordinator for projects funded from EBRD and aimed at preparation of legislation which introduces energy efficiency in buildings in Kyrgyzstan and Moldova under European legislation.

Ing. Darina Pšenáková

Financial officer, member of ECB association

Graduated at University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of Management, Management of Business entities. She has worked for ECB since 2000. She is responsible for accounting methodology and tax issues, financial management of the association. She prepares calculations and project budgets and is responsible for compliance with spending of project budgets and preparation of financial reports.

Ing. Monika Rothová

Project manager, member of ECB association

Graduated at Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of chemical and food technology, Department of chemical engineering. In ECB she specializes on preparation and implementation of projects focused on energy efficiency and mobility. She has coordinated the project of free energy consulting and acted as a contact person for the area of mobility management and activities regarding transportation in ECB.

Ing. Andrej Fáber

Project manager 

Graduated at Technical University in Košice, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Energy Technology. In between 1997- 2004 he was employed at EGÚ, s.r.o. (Institute for Energy Research), from 2004 he worked on developer projects regarding the building of residential areas in the vicinity of Bratislava. From the beginning of 2009 he has worked at ECB as a project manager focusing on renewable energy sources utilisation, mainly solar energy and biomass, lately also new and nonstandard sources of biomass and the propagation of education in these areas. Since May 2012 he has worked also as an energy counselor for households in Bratislava.

Ing. Marek Lipa

Project manager of the CEVO department

Graduated at Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Heavy-current Engineering, major in Lighting Technics and Electrotechnics Management. After graduation he worked in leading functions in different companies (Honeywell, Danubia Tel, Kopos, Elis). In 2006 he has been hired by CEVO which was founded by ECB as a part of implementation of Removing the barriers of public lighting restoration in Slovakia project. He has been leading the department activities since and is also the co-founder of CEVO, s.r.o. which continues in these activities even after the project has ended. The company is a member of “Group ECB” association.

Ing. Peter Černák

Technical expert of the CEVO department

Graduated at Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Department of lighting technology. In years 2002 – 2007 he worked in his field of study for the company Q-99. He has worked for Energy Centre Bratislava in CEVO department since 2007. He specializes on preparation of public lighting projects mostly focused on energy efficency.

Ing. Darina Dzurjaninová

Local technical coordinator

Graduated at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Department of economics and management industry. She has been covering the Sustainable Mobility in the city of Bratislava project  since the beginning of 2011 in the position of local technical coordinator. She is responsible for project activity coordination and comunication within the international team.

Soňa Petrovič Čutorová


Works in ECB accounting including detailed analytic evidence of projects, documentation archivation and solving of tax problems. She is responsible for the propagation of up-to-date knowledge in the economic area. She has worked for Energy Centre Bratislava association since 2005 and participates with acquiring basic material and analytic accounting evidence for the preparation of all financial reports of projects.

Michaela Danišová

Office manager

Administrative support for all ECB team members. She is responsible for internal communication of the implementation team of the Energy Savings – free energy consultations for households project.