Ing. Marek Lipa

Project manager of the CEVO department

Graduated at Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Heavy-current Engineering, major in Lighting Technics and Electrotechnics Management. After graduation he worked in leading functions in different companies (Honeywell, Danubia Tel, Kopos, Elis). In 2006 he has been hired by CEVO department (Center for Public Lighting) which was founded by ECB as a part of implementation of Removing the barriers of public lighting restoration in Slovakia project. He has been leading the department activities since and is also the co-founder of CEVO, s.r.o. which continues in these activities even after the project has ended. The company is a member of “Group ECB” association.


Management of project Removing the barriers of public lighting restoration in Slovakia supported from Global Environment Fund through United Nations Development Programme Bratislava agency. Within this project he has provided hundreds of consultations focused on public lighting issue, he was responsible for training of mayors of towns and villages related to this area of study, he is the coauthor of almost a hundred of public lighting energy audits and technical and economic studies of public lightning restoration, tens of applications for irretrievable funding from grant programs and some realizations of public lighting restorations in Slovakia.

More information can be found here: CEVO