Solar energy

Life on Earth depends from the energy of the Sun

Except food intake the easiest way to use the Sun’s energy is the direct heating of houses – adaptation of the building already in the project phase so that the rays of sunshine heat up the interior of the house.

To heat up water solar collectors are used. A solar collector is an area that collects sunlight and transforms it into heat. The main part of a collector is the absorber in which the transformation takes place. The heat in the absorber is then delivered to a heat transfering medium that flows in the absorber’s pipes and subsequently into the boiler, which usually serves also as heat exchanger. For a solar collector to work properly, the absorber must consist from a highly conductive metal sheet (copper or aluminium) and from a selective conversion layer which has to have the highest sunlight absorption capacity and therefore minimal emission of heat.

In Slovakia 75% of all sunlight lands in the summer half year and 15% in the winter half year. The differences between heat input on an area unit in the nothern and southern part of the republic are approximately 15%. The map of sunlight can be found  here.
Sunlight can be used also as an electricity source. We can often see examples of such utilisation, e.g. in solar calculators. Photovoltaic segments are also produced in larger scale and with higher performance.

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