We offer free lending of publications from our office library. We have been updating our bookshelves since 1992.

Download an up-to-date list of books in the ECB office library in the .xls format here:

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If you are interested in borrowing a book, please look it up in the list and let us know (Opens internal link in current windowcontact).You can borrow and/or return the book/s personally at the office desk in Bratislava.

As a part of some projects we issue publications that may help the reader to navigate in the area of renewable energy sources and energy efficency. Some of them are available to free download on this web page. Please, respect the copyright of ECB.

Enter the e-library.

Initiates file downloadNové štandardy pre staré domy (PDF, 0,8 MB) (New standards for old houses, Slovak language)

Initiates file downloadAtlas obnoviteľných zdrojov energie v SR (PDF, 7 MB) (Atlas of renewable energy sources in Slovakia, Slovak language) 

Initiates file downloadÚspory energie v domácnosti (PDF, 0,6 MB) (Energy savings in the household, Slovak language) 

Initiates file downloadMožnosti využívania slnečnej energie (PDF, 1,5 MB) (Possibilities of solar energy utilization, Slovak language) 

Initiates file downloadDrevný odpad… Čo s ním (PDF,  2,5 MB) (Wood waste… What to do with it , Slovak language)