About us

Energy Centre Bratislava (Energetické centrum Bratislava)

We are a non-governmental organization established in 1992. The predecessor of ECB – European Communities Energy Centre Bratislava – ECECB was established as an agency by the European Communities program. This agency was at that time the only one of its kind in Slovakia. Its main task was to prepare studies, participate on programmes supporting the increase of public awareness and collect data for the use of European Communities.

Later (in year 1997) the agency became a member of Slovak Energy Agency’s organizational structure and acted as its department. In the year 1999 ECB detached from Slovak Energy Agency and with own legal identity as a non-governmental organization focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources promotion and implementation is still active until this day.  We support innovative energy technologies, organize educational events. One of our main tasks is the assistance with renewable energy sources utilization projects.

Activities examples:

  • direct advisory work and consultatory activities for the industry, companies, municipalities and households
  • preparation of energy conceptions, strategies and plans
  • evaluation of energy projects
  • training in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources
  • organizing of seminars, workshops, trainings, conferences and exhibitions
  • campaigns focused on increasing the awarness of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources
  • introducing of new technologies and implementation support
  • development and implementation of energy efficiency projects